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How I rediscovered love: Michael looked after children in a crèche in South Africa

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The sentence that I start my statement with is: “How I learned to rediscover love”. I made a promise that I would come to Masiphumelele with open arms and an open heart. Only one of my biggest fears was how this experience would move me and that I wouldn’t come back as the same person. […]

James Piazza and family study session

What a great and touching experience! – James Piazza in Ethiopia

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My wife and I spent two weeks with the EEF family in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Staying together with the students at the EEF hostel made everything even more intense and special. Teaching English and helping with the homework Once they were back from school, our daily sessions with the kids would begin. We had the […]

Alessandra Bertoldi

The most intense experience I’ve ever lived: Alessandra in South Africa

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It was the most intense experience I ever had in my life. As much as the photos and videos portray the moments, the truth is that only you experienced all that. Every affectionate look, every genuine smile, every sincere hug. Experience fills you and makes you realize that giving to those in need is one […]

Joshua da Silva - Sports students

Cidade De Deus: Sports Volunteering in one of Rio de Janeiro's Favelas

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There are very few words I have to describe what I experienced during my time in Rio. From the crazy, but amazing Brazilian population, to the hands-down best food in the world, to the amazingly juxtaposed scenery. Rio was something else. Crazy Night life, intriguing museums, stunning street art, mouth-watering restaurants, breathe-taking beaches. YES PLEASE. […]

Lorenz with his English Students in Rio de Janeiro

Teaching English and Planting Trees in Rio de Janeiro: Lorenz

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I took part in teaching English at the Centro Social e Cultural Tatiane Lima over a 10 week period, as well as getting my hands dirty replanting trees, mending and creating pathways in the Tijuca Rainforest. Needless to say this was an amazing experience as a student studying anthropology & sociology, as it has given […]

Best Experience in Ethiopia

Best Experience with a Fascinating Volunteer Project in Ethiopia

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For me as a 14 years old high school kid, it was certainly one of the best experience in my life. The staff members at hostel are very committed in helping the students. In my opinion, the students are in a very good environment to study and achieve their careers considering the amount of money […]

Freiwilligenarbeit mit Elefanten in Namibia

Working with Animals in Africa: Animal Welfare and Wildlife Projects

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Work in animal welfare with animals in Africa. On your journey you will discover the fascinating wildlife of South Africa or Namibia. Volunteering projects focus on the conservation of Africa’s wildlife, as well as the rehabilitation of injured or neglected animals. Wildlife projects and marine biology in South Africa In Cape Town you can take […]


Marine Conservation Projects Volunteering: Marine Biology, Sea turtles and more

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Participate as a volunteer in fascinating marine conservation projects in volunteering. Iko Poran has put together several exciting animal welfare projects in South Africa, Sri Lanka and Costa Rica. Our prices are among the cheapest and you will have a unique experience. Whether you want to gain hands-on experience with your marine biology studies, or […]

Jonas Feltrin Doreens Creche

Working with the children in South Africa: Jonas from Brazil

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Jonas Feltrin, from Brazil, works with the children in South Africa at a day care. He is having a blast while helping our partner projects in Cape Town and hanging out with penguins. Way to be Jonas ?????? How to work as a childcare volunteer in South Africa How to join the childcare project in […]

Natalia Villalobos Teaching Children in India

Nathalia enjoys Teaching Children in India and relaxing in our free Yoga Workshop

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Natalia Villalobos, from the USA, enjoys teaching children in India and relaxing in our free Yoga workshops afterwards. The best travel experience ???☺️☺️☺️ How to volunteer teaching children in India? Have a unique experience teaching English in India to children at a community school in Jaipur. Your skills and dedication will greatly help to improve […]