Teach English Volunteer Abroad Opportunities

Looking for a cheap and rewarding volunteer opportunity, teaching English abroad? With your budget in mind, we have selected some of the best and most affordable volunteer programs at many exciting locations overseas in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Whether you are teaching English to young monks at a Buddhist Monastery in Nepal, or teach children in a favela of Rio de Janeiro, your volunteer experience will be unique, and our prices are among the cheapest.

Volunteering and Teaching English: Rewarding Experience

Mingzhuo Pei, from China, will never forget the smiles in the faces of the children in a small village in Ecuador, when they had the opportunity to learn English for the first time in their lives. And Ming, in the counterpart, was able to learn Spanish with her welcoming guest family. Teaching English is an incredible way to get in touch with the local population, and for cultural exchange.

When you choos to teach English abroad as a volunteer, you will give young people the chance to improve their future career opportunities. For their future employment, many times, fluency in English will be a key qualification. Working side-by-side with your English students, you can easily encourage mutual cultural understanding, and share perspectives.

As an English teacher you will also be exposing your students to one of the world’s most spoken languages. Students range in age from primary school age to the elderly – but no matter who sits in your classroom, teaching English is bound to be an extraordinarily fulfilling experience. Find below some of the best volunteer experiences, and get started for your trip as a voluntary English teacher!

Teaching English: Volunteer Opportunities in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, Nepal, South Africa...

Teaching young monks

Volunteer Teachers at a Buddhist Monastery in Nepal

Luca Vlasceanu & Virgil Munteanu, from Romania, enjoy teaching young monks as volunteer teachers at a Buddhist Monastery in Nepal ...
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Nepal was Alice's favorite experience as a volunteer

You stay my Favorite. You are my Nepali family! – Alice from France

For Alice Garnier teaching in Nepal was her favorite as a volunteer, since she felt like a Nepali family.  What ...
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Assistant Teacher in South Africa

Assistant Teacher in South Africa at a Primary School in Cape Town

Work as an assistant teacher in South Africa at a Primary School in beautiful Cape Town! The Southern Peninsula of ...
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Ana Margarida Teaching young monks in Nepal

Teaching Young Monks at a Buddhist Monastery: Ana Margarida from Portugal

Ana Margarida Paixão Brazão, from Portugal, teaching Young Monks in a Buddist Monastery, Nepal. The young monks in Nepal want to ...
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Joseph Guzman Teaching Children in India

Teaching Children in India: Joey’s Uplifting Presence

Joseph Guzman chose to volunteer teaching children in India. With his joy and dedication he was a great and positive ...
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New Volunteers in Rio de Janeiro Teaching English

Volunteer in Rio de Janeiro Teaching English

What about volunteering in Rio de Janeiro teaching English? Rio de Janeiro is still one of the most charming volunteer ...
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Ming's Experience in Ecuador

Ming’s Experience in Ecuador: The Smile I will Never Forget

 I’m writing this review based on my experience as a one month volunteer in Ecuador. I was assigned with a ...
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Volunteering Program in Arusha Tanzania

Volunteering Program in Arusha Tanzania

I personaly taught English, Math, Music and dances, in several grades (2 to 7th) I had a very good relations ...
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Teaching Gig in Rio

A brief, life changing teaching gig in Rio

In June of 2017, I was given the opportunity to teach English as a volunteer in a community outside of ...
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Teaching English in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Teaching English in Rio de Janeiro

Volunteer in Brazil and  teaching English in Rio de Janeiro, learning Portuguese, and providing access to one of the world’s most spoken ...
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Opportunities to Teach English Overseas

English instruction in the World is spotty at best, so volunteering to teach English abroad will provide young students with a supplement to what they learn in school and will give people who never took English courses the opportunity to learn the language. It is also an excellent opportunity to give those living in low-income communities a chance to broaden their horizons and have access to the language that fuels the global economy.

  • Teach and bond with gorgeous kids and youngsters from unprivileged communities.
  • Learning about their life, culture and history from a local perspective.
  • Experiencing amazing and picturesque cities and all that goes with it.

Skills needed for Teaching English

If you’re thinking about volunteering to teach and have no experience, don’t worry! The teaching placements are flexible – from tutoring a few students to teaching an entire class. Volunteers also often help each other in planning lessons and activities – but the simple fact that there is an English speaker leading discussion makes a tremendous impact on language acquisition.

The teaching English volunteer project exposes students from low-income communities o the world’s most commonly spoken language, one that fuels the global economy.

  • The inclusion of an English speaker leading the discussion makes a tremendous impact on language acquisition.
  • In most projects volunteers are expected to create their own lesson plans and often work together on these.
  • Please note, volunteers do not need to be a qualified or experienced teacher to participate on the Teach English project.

Feel inspired to volunteer teaching English abroad?

If you would like to become a volunteer teaching English, please have a look at the volunteer programs in the countries shown above, and there you will find the complete details and step by step instructions how to sign up as a volunteer.